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I know I just posted introducing myself and I feel silly now for feeling this way, but I've had this strong urge the past couple of days to have brushable hair again. I think I'm feeling this way because I brushed the tips out to give them a different look and now I'm remembering what my hair used to be like. I naturally have very silky straight hair and I miss being able to run my fingers through it. I also miss the length and being able to curl it and cut it into different styles. I think of all that and then I remember I always had flat hair that I had to try to put body into and wash every day or else it would look greasy, and how I was never happy with it because it was so thin.
 I've gone through the memories and read about how people regret getting rid of their dreads and that I should wait a while before I actually do anything, but feeling this way is kind of scaring me and I suppose I'm looking for some kind of reassurance to keep them. Help? lol 

I feel obligated to add a picture 


/edit Here's the texture/length of my hair 
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