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Korê Averna

six month time line!

Six month timeline

On the 5th of this month my dreads turned 6 months, and while I am a little late here is my timeline thus far. I’ve been trying to keep a very good record, all of these pictures are taken on the month birthdays of my dreads because I find how they are maturing simply fascinating.

Before dreads:

Day one:

Week one:

After their first wash:

Month one: I really liked them at this age so fun and wavy with crazy loops!

Month two: and this started the time I hardly left home without a hat, they also shrank several inches, at this point it was almost impossible to keep them from cannibalizing each other.

Month three: I experimented with some henna this month also did a deep clean

Month four: the back of my hair disappeared almost this month

Month five: The best shot of my color after the henna

Also I’ve taken to wearing scarf turbans

Went to a wedding, used a hair style I found on here I think it turned out quite well though I had to use a few pins cuz my hair is so short, also after this photo was taken that stray dread was put in its place. (also i tried this again last night and my hair just wouldn't, my back dreads are not wanting to play that game.)

I then bleached my hair because I had been red for too long

Month six: I made 4 of my dreads pink and two of them yellow (thought you can’t really see the yellow) I’m finally starting to feel like my dreads are dreads and not just a mass tangle of hair, they have pretty much stopped trying to eat each other and keeping them separated this month has been bar far the easiest its ever been. Also I have two sets of progress photos for this month... I apparently forgot my dreads b-day and then re-took the photos at the real b-day, so two sets pf pics about a week apart.

and on their real b-day I did something HORRID to my fringe (to be fair I've been cutting my own bangs forever and this is the first time something bad has happened) so its head bands and bobby pins until it grows out and I can fix it

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