stoneyffdreads (stoneyffdreads) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Photo Dump and A TIMELINE!

hey everyone my last few posts were rather weak so heres an update on the growth of my loc's and an update on me lol. The old shop that i worked at for years went out of business and so i was forced into a new environment. I still do the same thing but i get paid far less because of my 'age' and lack of experience, which is total b.s. but whatever. Otherwise things are good just work and school, plenty of discin and camping, i have discovered a newfound love and that is my portable hammock! I cant believe how i survived without it before i can have it up and down in about 60 seconds flat! Anyways enough of my stupid ranting heres a picture dump! I tried to get things in somewhat of a chronological order from Day 1 to now!

Earliest pic i have!

Next point in time

Dog. I miss him sooooo much but due to my heavy work and school schedule he went to live with a friend of mine in colorado....

Somewhere around this time

Just got back from my sisters high school graduation bahamas cruise!

Looking like a retard at the beach!


Silkworms are super healthy lol

This is earlier in the timeline but either way im drunk


Within the last week! (right about 7 months now!!!!!!!)


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