spandorexxa (spandorexxa) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

4 years of dreads...

That came around fast! July 28th was the 4 year anniversary of my getting dreadlocks.... I forgot to celebrate it this year by working my ass off in the theatre

They Grew

happy birthday dreads!

The blonde "experiment" has grown out sufficiently to look ok, as opposed to a yellow mess lol!

Dreads up 4 years

Stripey blondeness - I have bleached about half the ends of my dreads since I cut them in February, Im pleased with the texture the multi coloured blondeness gives me.

dreads down 4 years

So, heres to the next years of dreadyness!

short...board... nah never heard of one! :P

me and my new longboard! :D

Over the least year Ive cut about a foot in length off, bleached them, considered shaving the side off, considered bleaching the lot, and even once considered combing them out, but you know... the grass isn't greener, and Im happy with my lot. Theyre easy to manage in my jobs (I work in cafe making coffee and in a theatre as a technician) they never get in my way, and I dont drop hairs in food! They look great up or down this length, and are short enough to manage surfing and wet. I may trim them if they get to long but time only will tell!

Heres to dreads!

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