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Dread Update

My dreads on a recent holiday!

Warning: its a kissy shot of my boyfriend and I.

I've had my dreads for six months now and have good roots. I am so excited to see new growth happily becoming dreaded at the scalp. Isn't it an amazing process?

I've read stories of some people who have had problems with their dreads due to an unhappy experience when they first got them. My advice: forget being a 'hippy purist' and get them done at a salon that specializes in dreading and braiding. Yes, it will cost you some money (mine were $100 Canadian), but if you're serious about dreads, then you will probably have them for over two years. That's a long time! You might as well get them done right. The place I went finished in two hours and perfectly divided my scalp into neat patches, back-combed, twisted and waxed my dreadies into existence. Since then, I wash them once a month and wax them at the same time using "Knotty Boy".

They're great.

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