Tango Tinamarie the Spider Webber (strange_spider) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Tango Tinamarie the Spider Webber

fun stuffz!

The doctor told me STAY OFF YOUR FOOT! so I'm trying ever so hard to entertain myself in bed, foot elevated as much as humanly possible...SO DIFFICULT! But, as a result, I have some more rainbow joy to spread and time for the posting for such things. :D

Here's a little...

First of all, in case you missed my last post... I sprinted into a nail which punctured through the skin and muscle in the soft skin between my last two toes and this was the result...

It's been almost a month now and it still gets swollen often and hurts. I've gone to the doctor a bunch, been on antibiotics, had xrays and blood tests. Everything looks fine it's just taking FOREVER to heal. I've decided I'm investing in a comfrey salve tonight to quicken the healing. If I had known it was this bad, I would have done that from the beginning. Lamesauce puncture hole....

Now onward to FUNZ!
laugh the pain away XD

nudity is a powerful healing force, it's true :P

rainbow explosions!

RAWRER! Watch out, we're dangerous!

this thing is magnificent... it makes realistic cheetah RRAWRER noises when you press it's nose! :D

midday sunlight streams and dreams


harlequin spirit guide

through the eye of the sun

A work in progress that seems like it will never be finished...

I shall RAVAGE your town!


*I am praying for the day when you and I and he and she are we...humanity will sing harmony*

dandelion rain

as prescribed: walking free entertainment :)

Cotton Candy Nebula

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