Rebekka (loulila) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

2 1/2 years timeline

my hair in December 2008, one month before my dreads were started

day 1, set started by the wonderful clandestien

one week

two weeks, put a three color gradient under layer in my bangs

two months

three months, dyed two dreads purple

having fun riding giant isopods

four months

time for some maintenance by Rosie, the lovely galah

five months

six months, added more purple

seven months

eight months, added some turquoise

eleven months, dyed most dreads turquoise with Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise

faded turquoise

re-dyed for Christmas

New Year's Eve

one year, one month, re-bleached my roots, turquoise faded to a really light color

bright green (2/3 Manic Panic Electric Banana & 1/3 Atomic Turquoise), turquoise & purple

April 2010, one year, three months, green still almost as bright as freshly dyed

did two deep cleans to wash out the green, then re-bleached my roots

one year, four months, rounded the ends, turquoise with some white and purple

one year, seven months, turquoise, pink (SFX Atomic Pink) & purple

September 2010, my GCCs having fun in my hair - re-bleached my roots, but didn't dye them this time

December 2010, washed out colors (except for AP, of course...)

January 2011, two years, turquoise (with a little green) and two shades of purple

bleeding nose in the train after getting my septum pierced that day

two years, two months, bleached out turquoise

different shades of purple (Directions Violet diluted with conditioner)

April 2011, washed out purple

May 2011, white with some purple and dark blue (which was supposed to be black, but veggie dye blacks just don't work for me)

July 2011, 1 1/2 years, white & purple

I've been thinking about shaving my sides (or even a full undercut) for a while now, but I still have to make up my mind.
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