Just an invitation to the blues (fallintheblinks) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Just an invitation to the blues

The very first time I left the house without a hat on after starting my dreads, when they were like a week old, I walked to a nearby corner store and on my way back a dude leaned out of his car window and yelled, "hey retard, wash your fucking hair!"

Obviously random strangers don't get to decide what I do with my hair, but I keep wearing a hat because I've been feeling preemptively annoyed with being harassed. It's only happened the one time but it was disheartening that it was the very first time I showed my hair in public. :<

Ever since, I keep getting kind of self-conscious about going out without a hat on. I know they're doing well and I think they look pretty good so far, but I just don't want dumb comments about my hair, it's kind of a downer. I think I'll probably be able to handle it better as they continue to mature -- my set is only just two months old. Reading this community has helped me deal with my hair-related frustrations a LOT, and I'm glad to have had it as a resource to show me what realistic expectations are. :)

I'm in something of a love-hate relationship with my dreads at the moment, but I'm still so happy to watch them get better with time! Even when I'm annoyed by them, I still know they're right for me.

from August 7

from tonight. My nape could probably use a tiny bit more attention but I like how things are looking overall!
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