lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

dreads & ink

some pics of my dreads from the past month or so. i'm not sure how i even got this to stay in place, but it was pretty steady:

from the back. sorry about the bra; the updo was due to the insane temperatures that day!

& a second shot just because i liked what the blown-out flash did. you can also see my bangs dreads peeking out.

recent campics of the monster that is my hair:

& the "safety first" style i chose for our adventures at silverwood yesterday:

& recently i decided to show more of my tattoos. (don't make a big annoying deal of it.) you can check my art page as they're linked, but i kept this photo specifically to share with you guys. note it's a bit NSFW for strict business places.

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