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5 month update! :D

Semi photo heavy.
I was recently the model for my Advanced Lighting class at the Art Institute, andddd since I haven't really taken any photos of myself lately because of my hectic school schedule, here are the photos from the shoots I was in! :D Behind the scenes and some finals.

Also, i've decided to give you guys a glimpse of what I have to  choose to live with.

Soooo onward to the photos! 
First, at the beginning of the month, I did my first deep cleaning. It felt...sooo....good. 

Und....the gross aftermath. Most of it is leftover soap that I don't completely get out of my hair. It's about time for another deep cleaning.

Andddd the photoshoots!

Ok....so this is completely unrelated...but I got bored and decided to try something out in photoshop. :p Thought i'd share.

Also...another example of what happens when I get bored. My bf has a huge bag full of hats and wigs. I decided to play around with them. I look very much like my little brother in this. It's kinda scary.

For comparison (him when he was much younger) 

ANNNND onto what I live with and have to deal with on a daily basis.

Le room mate.

The bf's friend and his beautiful girlfriend.

Again, the room mate, and my goofball boyfriend in the rasta wig.


So yes. Hope you wonderful people enjoyed. :]
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