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Long Overdue Time Line of Awesome!

I just realized that while I post here relatively regularly, it's been over a year since I've posted a dreadie time line for your eyeballzez...

February 2009- Day One
My roommate put these in for me by mostly rip and tear but some back combing as well...

February 2009- Day Two
It took a 9 hour sitting to get the first ones in and then a few days later she finished the bottom few that were left in 3 hours...

March 2009, One Month
I braided the ends and put rainbow bands on them for awhile in the beginning and really liked it but wouldn't do it again because it was so much work and the bands pretty quickly disintegrate.

May 2009 (I thinkish), Four Months
Helping dread a friend's hair..

August 2009, Seven Months
Dying my dreads cotton candy pink, virgin rose, turquoise, and emerald green

August 2009, Seven Months
I think for the pink colors I used Special Effects and for the other ones I used something that I don't remember the name for but wouldn't use again anyway.

January 2009, Eleven Months

March 2010, One Year One Month
The wind on my grandparents mountain was epic this beautiful spring day.. :)

April 2010, One Year Two Months
I see you!

April 2010
Making music with Robodino (he does my deathcore vocals haha)

Beginning of May 2010, One Year Three Months
Rawr. Right after dying it iguana green with special effects ~ unless you want dark forest green hair, I wouldn't suggest this color ~ the example was a bit deceiving.

End of May 2010, One Year Three Months
Ocean Yoga on the Rocks

End of June 2010 One Year Four Months

June 2010
Getting covered in clay at the river near Harry's Hill in Starks Maine ~ one of the places I perform fire dancing at festivals. :D

June 2010

July 2010 One Year Five Months
Fore River Bird Sanctuary, Maine ♥

July 2010
With Utimia the whale :D right after dying it Virgin Rose by Special Effects (my favorite dye because it's initially bright neon magenta with a purple undertone and fades through almost every shade of pink back to blond and looks good through the entire fading process)

July 2010

July 2010
Ocean Smot Spot, Portland, ME =)

July 2010
Bottle balancing on the Portland waterfront..

August 2010 One Year Six Months
At the amazing art and music festival Bella Terra in upstate NY

August 2010
<3 * dance * dance * dance * <3

August 2010

September 2010 One Year Seven Months
At the Italian Festival in Lawrence, MA.. yuM!

September 2010
Beach dancings! :D

October 2010 One Year Eight Months
About to climb and jump a fence into a nunnery, army crawl across the front of a tower and sneak inside to climb to the top for a view of a lifetime... ahhh yeah!

November 2010 One Year Nine Months
"i'm Mickey Avalon, bitch" wearing Mickey Avalon's stolen jacket haha

December 2010 One Year Ten Months
Christmas Morning Face =)

January 2011, One Year Eleven Months

January 2011
Dancing with Jimi in the bathroom... :D

February 2011, Two Years
Dancing my face off at my brother's 21 birthday party :D

February 2011
Love/Hate Party in Boston

March 2011, Two Years One Month
Tea sippin' in the Arnold Arboretum

March 2011
The Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain ~ less than I mile from where I lived when I was living in Boston.. :D

April 2011, Two Years Two Months

April 2011

May 2011, Two Years Three Months
At the ocean with the family for Mother's Day

May 2011

June 2011, Two Years Four Months

June 2011
It was a particularly chilly day for June and I was squinchfaced to show my distaste for having to wear more clothing... Basically this is my *I wish I could be naked all the time face*

June 2011

July 2011, Two Years Five Months
Camping with my family at Lake Pemaquid in Maine

July 2011
At Harry's Hill :D

July 2011
My favorite ocean beach, Salisbury in MA

August 2011, Two Years Six Months
Camp Creek Rainbow Earth Goddess Explosions

September 2011, Two Years Seven Months
After SPARKLEWHOMP (I named it that; it was really called FUCK YEAH!) thrown by the Sparkle Mafia in Wayne, Maine ~ magical land, magical people, magical PARTY! :D They are talking about throwing another real soon too. :D

Right after dying my dreads Virgin Rose again...YAY! :D
September 2011


Light and Love and Rainbow Sparkles,

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