The Many Voices of Des (desdemmonna) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
The Many Voices of Des

Church got a new Organ!!!

I'm excited. After a ton of selling, saving and going without we were able to pick up a 1980 Brandt Tracker Organ from Kentucky for around 8k (!!!!) including shipping to donate to the church as a temporary solution while we find a way to come up with the funds to get the historic 1880's Andrews Organ restored. It finally made its way across the country a few days ago and I finally got out to see it this afternoon. Its Ramen time XD!


On a side note, I've got another giveaway over at for a pair of earrings. I'll do something else later on in the month for the stretched lobe ladies in mind to get in as another giveaway ;)

Look for another post soon from me, hehe.
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