lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

gorthok is participating in a research study this week - seven days isolated in a facility in tacoma being pumped full of gout medication (or placebo!) in exchange for $1500. not too shabby, but i miss him terribly. he has computer access & his phone, so i've been getting AWESOME STUFF LIKE THIS to bridge the distance:

joe also spent time ditch-digging near north bend:

& occasionally sleeps at times other than when he's reading. ridiculous creature.

sometimes when he gets snoozy, he puts my pony on himself. HIGH ENTERTAINMENT VALUE.

& from a couple months ago when he went hiking across a glacier. apparently that increases the sun's radiation! apparently he didn't remember sunblock. poor baby spent a month looking like an old ken doll, all discolored rubber head & pristine plastic body. :D

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