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10 months.. first deep clean

I did not expect so much gunk to come out of these. I work at Lush, so have only ever used shampoo bars thinking they wouldnt leave crap in, and would clean the whole world out of my hair. Wrong. I had a maintanance session with someone who used wax. I thought it had gone when my dreads stopped feeling sticky. Wrong again.

My hair is still wet from the soaking, but already feels lighter that it was before. Everyone who hasnt deep cleaned - stop reading this and go and do it. NOW.

Before the clean... I mostly just want to get as much of this dark dye out as i can.



I mixed up a whole lot of sodium bicarb, half a lemon, tea tree oil, and salt. Then poured water from the kettle, and lowered my dreads in. I didnt think i would ever boil my hair - but id used so much wax at first i just wanted to make sure i could get it all out. Also makes me think of steralising babies things by putting them in boiling water - making my hair even cleaner and less bacterious from a summer spent lying in the grass, at festivals etc :) Also added lemon to make it look pretty.


During the soak. i soaked the ends until the water was cool enough for me to put my head in.. and then dunked myself :) :


After about an hour:


I was expecting it to change the colour as only dyed them a couple of weeks ago - but what the hell is that almost cream coloured, gunk that was floating around in there? Im so glad its out of my hair! Might deep clean once a week until i no longer have that crap lingering around in there. Im hoping its wax residue. Yuck.

And my dreads now:


I think some of the colour is coming out at the back... but that also may be down to me doing a crap dye job..


There are a lot more loose hairs - reassurance that there is significantly less crap in there gluing bits of hair down! Amazing :D

Love xxxx
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