lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

community game: revisited!

remember when we played the lean back game? here's how: put your head back as far as you can & take a picture of your dreads from the back. take another of your full back standing normally, & post it next to the first. how will your dreads look in 1-3 years?

that was 11-10-09 (lulz)... so it's been exactly 2 years. where are everyone's locks at?

if you played last time, give us an update! or if you didn't, now's your chance!

updated lish shots. now:

compared to two years ago:

yes, my dreads are crazy - apparently my lean back game shows about a year & a half of growth. O_O i would not have called that!

gorthok also played a little later, so here are his updated photos too:

i also put together comparative shots for his. leaning back:

& standing normally:

joe's are pretty interesting, as the lighter areas were from when he bleached the shit out of his hair, & basically destroyed it. you can easily see in the comparative shots just how much length he's lost to erosion over the past two years. (remember kids, your dreads are only as strong as the hairs that compose them. :) ) all considered, joe's lean back game seems to be closer to two+ years.

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