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so today dread girl was working on my hair and she says, 'its time to work on your ends' and this is what the result is.

hah. the part of my hair that is dreaded has become pretty short from tightening a lot. but the ends are really stringy. and when she took of the stringy end this is what they look like. she only did one becuase class ran out. i dont know if i want them all short and knubby yet. but one day i will get them all short and knubby with nice little ends. anyway heres some more.
this is ends normally.

and this is the end of the one she worked on.

and here are just some random pictures:
i like putting bows in my hair.
see these are how stringy my ends are. and i know i look like a little girl.
my pigtails and bows.

and then..yeah.
they just look like insanely messy hair. but i love the little buggers.
and thats all. :)
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