wynneisms (wynneisms) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Post Comb-Out and Cut

So, I combed out my dreads. Here's one of the better pictures from before the comb out:

Note: my hair is not naturally curly. I curled it with paper bags, like a boss.

This is the natural texture. Also, brand new corset, hell yeah.
I also chopped off my hair about two weeks ago.

So, here's the why of combing and then cutting: I really, really want a full head of dreads. I loved my 'hawk, but I felt like I couldn't do as much with it as I could have if I had a full head. So, I combed out (it took about three hours with some serious conditioning and a bit of pain) and then let my sides grow out for a bit and cut off the top. I miss my dreads, I miss my long hair, but it's part of the process while I grow out my hair to a decent length to re-dread. I hope that you guys can still accept me in the community because this group of individuals is by far one of the most accepting, tolerable, and supportive groups I've come across on the internet. I enjoy reading the memories and looking at the pictures of everyone in the midst of their dread journeys. It's a huge inspiration to see people just starting out right beside people with 7+ year-old-dreads. I love you, GUDU, I'm not going to lie.
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