Little Miss Morris (crazycrix) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Little Miss Morris

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i just remembered this from a couple weeks ago
i forgot to post it

on the days when i don't give a F about anything i wear my dreads crazy
i just lean over let them fall then hold them up in a scrunchie...

so am sitting in the library and out of no where this girl walks about to me
she is like your hair is amazing
and the usual questions are long are you growing it?? etc..
then she was totally excited
i thought she looked kinda creepy
but she was like can i touch them
i normally let ppl touch them
and she was like awesome they are so tight blah blah

Then she told me she just started her own

*sigh* she reminded me of my dreads when they were short
i love my short hair.. but everyone says i look better with long hair
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