LizzAy (whatyoucantfind) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

just a quick growth update.

i owe the community a massive update, but that wont be happening today.

this was from the start of january, just before i cut off most of my remaining length of hair. thing one is poking out from underneath. this was at 10 months

this was from xmas this weekend. a little more than a week shy of when the previous picture was taken. i'm currently at one year and 9 months right now.

i find myself getting my dread caught in my shirts and jackets. and most everyone notices it now that its much much longer than the rest of my hair.

i never updated about it, but back in september i combed out all my dreads (sans thing one) using some oil (mineral or vegetable, i cant remember) and a fork. they were causing too much neck tension, even when i had them up with a headband or ponytail. i'd kept them for over a year and proved to myself that i could stick with something like dreads for a long time. the whole process took about 2-3 hours. i missed playing with them for a little while, but i got over it and have moved on. i plan on keeping thing one for as long as humanly possible. he was my first dread, and it looked the most like a 'dreadlock' than any of my other dreads.

one of these days when i've found a real job, or something more permanent than the temp job i'm working, i'm going to attempt to dread my whole head allowing company policy and the niceness of my bosses. but for now i've been keeping my hair cut in a short bob as most of my hair was dry and damaged.

OH! i would like to note, that after i combed out my dreads that i'd had for over a year, i noticed that the hair on the back of my head where they'd been, was a lot thicker in composition. this makes me really want to try dreads on the top of my head for 6 months to a year just to see if it will have the same effect. my hair has always been naturally thin, and i constantly look like i'm going bald when really i'm not and my roots have just grown out a bit. i crave thick hair, and i'm hoping that dreads can one day be the answer to that. who knows?

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday and will have an even better new year!

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