lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

oh hi! while gorthok & i were in canada this past weekend, we visited the vancouver aquarium. the place was dark & the flash bounced off everything, so the photos aren't fantastic, but i did the best i could with a high ISO. i figured you guys would be amused anyhow...

joe pointing at seattle on the british columbia map:

trying to adjust settings, this came out too cute to rm:

joe's raver side coming out:

as i was photographing a hermit crab for joe, it became clear that this fish needed attention:

a fish as long as joe is tall:

rocking out with a lionfish:

continuing to rock out with fish:

the electric eel tank had an inset to put your head in! so joe rocked out with it:

i love this fish! he kept posing for me to photograph his teeth.

& for those who follow my lobe jewelry posts, yes, this happened:

& a bonus shot of joe in food coma after our amazing xmas eve dinner (details in my next lj post):

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