Taryn (of_a_lifetime) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Goodbye 2011

The end of the year seems like an appropriate time to post some pictures of some fun i've had in the past few months. Happy end of 2011 everyone!

My adventure started off in South Florida visiting my dad, then driving up to New Hampshire with my girlfriend. Here I am being tattooed by Francesca at the Miami tattoo convention. My dreads weren't quite long enough to put them all up without tons of bobby pins, so the half-pony was rocked a lot.

Not the best photo, but this is the dotwork tattoo she gave me.


South of the border smoke break! The bleached dreads were once purple, but sadly I have no pictures of this. 

I am not as tall as a moose.

Goat eating a "do not feed goats" sign. 

In NH we were staying at a professors family cabin. We were able to stay for free, but had to do yardwork at their lake house. Here I am doing something with a large dirt pile.

My cabin home for a month. It was exciting living up on a mountain without plumbing

Making strawberry jam :)

My friend, Sam.

Living in Florida means the occasional beach party.

You can see the curlyness of my hair pretty well here

Sometimes a dread or two like to poke out their own direction. I feel like I have broken antennae or something.


A friend of mine hosted a flash mob pie fight... getting whipped cream out of my hair was not a fun time. 

The holiday picture I took with my lady. 

And just for fun, these are my cats.

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