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bad sectioning, center part, almost mature - Help!!

So my dreads are almost 9 months, pretty locked now, and I have this dread on my nape, the one on the far left side, which includes the hairs that are trying to extend onto my neck. It is now pulling on those farthest away hairs, which is a damn sensitive spot! I tried pulling on those hairs from the root to relieve tension, but they are not budging. I was able to get a couple single hairs, but it didn't seem to help much. So as I was scrolling thru the mems for info, I came across the subject of center parts. I've been thinking I screwed up with this for a while, but now I realized I hate my sectioning job!! It's pretty griddy, and I thought as it grew out that it would work itself out, but it hasn't yet. Now I'm wanting to get rid of my center part. Can I just combine them across the part, if that makes sense? I already combined the two that were at the very front, like my bangs, and that one has turned out pretty good. I'm just worried about flatties and more weird parting showing if I combine them that way. I will take pictures later for reference. I already read the memories on sectioning, I didn't see anything about fixing a mature center part, so please, tell me all of your expert opinions!! I'm not ready to start a new set yet, with these being my first, but I definitely know what I will do differently the second time around.


also some pics for fun:


length ref.: they have shrunk a lot, in addition to my efforts in rounding most of my tips, my hair started off touching my belt in the back, before the dreads.

took this one after work one day. luckily I just walked out of that shitty job, but that story will be another post :P but I like the bun I have going on here.

rockin' the 80's side pony! =P

don't remember what I did here, but I liked it.

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