missbell53 (missbell53) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Ello ello!

A few updates from me over the last month or so!

My dreads haven't been out of my hats that much, it's been that cold over here:


I had my first blog feature here! She has dreads and is a very colourful lady : ) there is also a free shipping promo code in the write up for my shop.

And the UK Etsy team have wanted shop owners to take some videos of them 'making' so here is mine, it's also the dreadlock related bit of my post aswell ; ) you can see them poking through the video, they're grooooooooooooooooowing hehe There is music in the background, so you might want to adjust your speakers so it doesn't blare out!

Thank you for watching : )

Hats, twitter, facebook.
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