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Anyone remember me?

Hey there, everyone. It has been QUITE a long time since I last posted to this community...or LJ in general. I hope everyone has been doing AMAZINGLY WELL in their work/personal/financial lives. Since I haven't posted in awhile, I guess I'll catch you all up on what's going on.

I live in Chicago again (if I haven't posted that).
I'm in a band. We do awesome-sounding things AND we have an album out. The Aesthetic for more deets.
My hair has surpassed my shoulder blades. I never thought I'd get that long.
I've caused so much drama recently.
My mom has successfully went to, and returned from, Afghanistan. She now lives in PA (again).

I don't think there's more that's needed to be updated on. Besides, I wanted to be brief. Anyway, the reason I wanted to update is because this is an early notification of the chop that's been on my heart. I've decided that, upon their 5th birthday, I'm gonna let my locs go. They have MANY memories tied into them; some of which I'd like to start finally letting go of. There are people, places, and emotions that I'm reminded of when I stare down the tips of my hair in amazement that they have gotten this long.

I'm pretty sure that I am going to come back to locs. VERY sure. As in 100% sure. But I'm ready for a new life, and I want to experience that which comes with drastic change. I plan to be moving out and far away from here within the next year - year & a half; all depends on how far along I get on destroying my student loans.

I have to get to know any of the new members!! I've been SO far gone from here it's quite embarrassing. Don't haze me.

Lish, do you still keep locs from the chopheads? I have a very specific loc I'd love to send you.

I will post again with a THOROUGH amount of pics before & after. But for now, I will just be humble with these photos. No particular order; just doing it so that locs ARE in this post. I'll update with more pics from either just before or after the actual chop.




Anybody know who this is below? You get EXTRA COOKIE POINTS if you know. He's been a HUGE inspiration on my musicianship.


Current length pics below. The following pictures were taken WHILE writing this post.

Always good seeing the love in here. Talk to you guys soon!
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