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9 months + a little help from Lish

I should really say a *lot* of help from Lish. Who btw is both as skilled and as great to spend time with as rumored. Except thanks to her, I've had The Gambler stuck in my head for days. :)

She turned approximately 90 into about 60 this week. Now my head looks and feels like I meant it to in the first place.

Fair warning- I have poor lighting and only a camera phone, so I made up for both things by using silly stock filters.

9 months

9 months
One more before pic.

9 months, after maintenance

9 months, after maintenance

9 months
Before: Spaghetti dreads

9 months, after maintenance
After: Egg noodles

9 months
This dread doesn't *look* that weird, but it is. I had a really hard time getting the right lighting, and what I did still doesn't convey exactly how goofy it is. Even Lish, who has pretty much seen everything at this point, remarked that it was totally freakish. She went to some effort to preserve the freakishness, as well. Focus on the figure 8 towards the middle.

Here's my best shot at a close-up of that figure eight. I must have been twisting loose hairs at some point absentmindedly, and they basically braided themselves, then curved into a braided loop, and then stayed that way.

9 months
Another before shot. Sort of gratuitously edited because the lighting was terrible anyway.

An attempt to re-create the shot after maintenance.

And just a look back to what they looked like when they were tiny babies:

6 weeks.

11 weeks.
3 months
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