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ahem. my dread thinks it's a boot. 

it looks boot-i-er in person. but you can see it. i think that happened because of a failed tip rounding. anyway! my dreads are a little over two months old. not all of them, some are re-done ones. but most :]

sorry. i am really, really white, and my flash doesn't know what to do with it at night. they've shrunk a TOOOON. 

i had a really fantastic idea though. my sister has hair down to her thighs, and whether she likes it or not (actually it's her boyfriend that insists i don't cut it) i'm cutting it off. it's been a long time coming, it has absolutely no shape and she never does anything with it, and i am going to have a pretty sister damn it. i'll probably be cutting off over a foot (her hair will still be insanely long.) and i'm gonna make myself some dread extensions with it once they're ready for them :D we have the same hair color so it's perfect, hers is just literally about five times thicker. so i will have plenty of hair to use.

i'm very pleased with them :] i haven't crocheted them since they started (and even then i only did a couple and used it for rounding the ends) and now all the older ones are so hard i can't even get a crochet hook through them. yay! 

just an update for you guys! i hope everyone is well. i know how much i like seeing updates (especially with multiple pictures!!!!) on here so i thought i would contribute rather than just wait for someone else :3

g'night gudu!
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