Shadow (xnotcaringx) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

fixing some loose hairs.

Recently I've been pretty blah about my dreads and it was because of all the loose hairs that were sticking out all over. I realize loose hairs are a part of the hairstyle at times, but it was a little out of control and definitely time for some maintenance. Due to the fact that I can't see most of my head, I didn't want to sew them into nearby dreads myself for fear of not getting the sectioning right and having my hair pull at my scalp. So while I was home from college for the weekend I had my wonderful boyfriend sew them in for me using this needle I picked up at a craft store. (I tried using some plastic wide ended needles and they didn't work, but this one was long enough and slid right through.)

There were loose hairs all over but the place that they were most disastrous was the nape of my neck. You weren't even able to see the individual dreads through the forest of loose hair!



That one strip of loose hair that's in this picture has since been fixed as well as the rest of my head. I like that some of my dreads that rounded themselves off now have wispy hairs coming out of the ends. I didn't really get any great pictures of the rest of my head unfortunately, but these definitely show the before and after quite well. The difference must be significant because I've gotten a few comments from my family about how they noticed my hair got a bit neater which was nice to hear. I feel a lot better about my hair now and am beyond thankful that my boyfriend was so willing to help me out.

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