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Riot Rix

It's been such a long time!

Oh man! I haven't posted to GUDU since last May when my dreads were 10 months old, and I miss y'all a ton! Tumblr has stolen me away from LJ. I still direct everybody that asks me about creating dreads to this community, though. Picture heavy post, coming right up!

It's been a pretty intense year. I proposed to my boyfriend of 6 years at a grimey biker bar in LA last July (a cover band was singing Heart), and we're having a big, bad-ass wedding (to accompany our domestic partnership) in August. Shortly after the wedding, I plan on hacking off my dreads. They're wonderful, but 2 years is an inconceivably long time for me to have any one hairstyle.

This was in the middle of a really crazy summer of traveling. I hit all of the California coast, New York, Michigan (Detroit, the thumb, AND the UP), Oregon, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and back home to Arizona! I saved a guy's life while kayaking!

I write for a local anarchist newspaper now!

I quit smoking at the start of February, and it's stuck. I haven't had a single cigarette since I snuffed my last one in a fir of disgust. I can't believe it's been so easy this time!

Unfortunately, my cat Slackjaw, the alpha of the house, was killed on leap day, and I'm still recovering. I'm currently contemplating how I'm going to commemorate him on my body.

Here's a random selection of photos!

Right around where I left off with you guys. May 2011
This is about when I last saw you fine folks: May 2011, Tucson


June 2011, Bay Area

July 2011, LA

Colorado somewhere, on a road trip. August 2011.
August 2011, Tucson

Glitterball: Top hat, too much rouge, and gold glitter lightning bolt pasties.

The dreads get pretty white every few months. September 2011

October 15th, 2011- The first day of Occupy Tucson

October 2011, Occupy Tucson, at our first camp at Armory Park

My 27th birthday! October 24th, 2011

Noticing a pattern? Halloween weekend 2011, Occupy Tucson, more cops

Here's a good texture shot, Halloween weekend 2011

November 2011, at Occupy Tucson, our second encempment spot at Veinte de Agosto Park

December 2011

Xmas Eve 2011

Action shots! I especially like the last one, and call it Invisible Motorcycle.

New Year's Eve 2011/12

Length shot!


Bonding with Mom.

January 2012

Black lipstick and dreads make me feel extra witchy. February 2012

Anti-ALEC march

My girl and I getting the weekend off to a good start, March 2012

Last week, look how fat some of them are getting!

This last Thursday.

Sorry for soooooo many pictures, I'll try to update more frequently so that I don't feel compelled to attach a million pictures.

I spend a lot more of my time over at Tumblr these days, feel free to find me at But Gudu still has a very special place in my bookmarks! ;-)

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