franchesca (chescaleigh) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Paper Magazine's Beautiful People 2012

hey GUDU! Long time no post! so last month I did my very first professional photo shoot for Paper Magazine and wanted to share. (link to article) I'm the only loc'd lady in the bunch so that's pretty cool. Yes, I'm "smizing". It was FREEZING on the balcony, but I channeled my inner Tyra and pushed through it lol. Anyway, I did the loc knots the night before and then whipped my hair around for these long tight curls so I could have a bit of length. Because my hair is curly you can't see quite how long my locs are, but they're about waist length which is a huuuge departure from when I first started posting here in 2006. Man how time flies. Anyway, I know I'm not here often, but I shout out GUDU every chance I get, so hopefully I've sent some new members your way. Hope everyone's doing well. xo

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