La femme sans pitié......she slept the world (cuntishness) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
La femme sans pitié......she slept the world

Photos and Phototgraphy

I'm really bad about taking photos of my hair and the growth. I decided to do some, albeit late, from when lishd asked about the leaning head back bit...

Straight up

Color isn't right in any of them or you wouldn't be able to see the bottom foot of length.

Close up texture

Head back (first time I did this in a dress, I thought bugs has landed on the back of my legs. (insert hilarity and spinning here)

And just for giggles, leaning a bit more and I get floor.

On to other business... As many of you know, I'm a photographer and to come up with the cash to get me to my little sister's wedding (which was announced a few days ago and happens in 3 weeks) I am having a sale on prints for gas money.

So if you're interested in having a look at some Asian temples, Mardi Gras Indians, Nottoway Plantation, St. Roch Ex-Voto, New Orleans in general and more... Click that link there, take a peek and if you like, purchase small affordable prints of them!

Included is this fine dreadlocked gent that I posted here before.
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