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milestone: having to order a custom showercap on etsy because "XL FITS EVEN THE LONGEST HAIR!" has become a joke.

the blue one is the grocery store's largest model, which really doesn't fit anymore.

& for those who missed it, this is what my new showercap easily contains:

it was amusing to order... i contacted GiftCreation on etsy because her showercaps looked the most reasonable - why the hell are so many homemade showercaps not made of waterproof material? wtf, that is not helpful. but GC's are vinyl outer lined with cotton, & they don't have a giant stupid ruffle around the elastic, either.

so i told her i wanted one about twice the size of an average cap, & she said her caps are usually 11" across, so she'd make me one that's 22" across. ummmm that math is not right. :) it'd come out about 4x that way! my previous cap was also 11" across, so i figured 14" should be about 1.5x & that would be plenty. she made it & shipped inside a week, & i'm quite pleased with it.

so if anyone needs a custom cap, there's a good place to go. tell her i sent you if you order - she was a sweetheat to work with, even if she can't do math. :)

in other news, remember that the voting for GUDU's HOTTEST TOP TEN ends tomorrow, so get those votes cast! :)
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