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hello everyone! it's been awhile since i've posted. busy life! anyone interested in some pictures and what-have-you?

so i went to san francisco for a month to do the hair, makeup, and some costuming for a friend's movie. it's going to be really awesome. here's a little promotional still:

the beautiful model here has been a best friend, along with the director of the film, since we were five years old. it was so great to be able to do this all together, since we're scattered across the country. 

here i am taping fake blood-filled condoms to the star's chest. it was exactly as sexy as it looks, but not as sexy as ripping them off later was.. you can see the director laughing her ass off on the right :D

finally you can see my dreads a bit, doing makeup in a garage! 

anyway, after being out there for a month, i came back home and brought a friend with me, we were really close as teenagers and then drifted apart, but we've been getting close again. we went on all kinds of adventures!


i brushed out some dreads to make bangs and we cooked a vagina pie (filled with delicious meats and mushrooms, as vagina pies should be)

we went for walks by abandoned factories

abandoned diners (look how loopy my dreads are! they're also hard as fuck which seems odd to me for only being five months. i dunno, is it?)

then on my birthday, we used my closet to put together the most awful outfits we could deliberately conceive of, went to manhattan and... got complimented everywhere we went. i'm not sure if people have taste this awful, or just felt like they needed to say SOMETHING. she's wearing fake clip-in bangs over her real bangs. it's magical.

my boyfriend even shaved his beard into a hulk hogan for the occasion. i could barely look at him, it was great.

we hiked to some ruins of a stone house in the new jersey wilderness, it was so gorgeous. parasols are the most effective sunscreen ever by the way.

here's a shot that shows my dreads a bit more! getting some hugs in the forest

the ruins. it was amazing to find something like this in new jersey that wasn't completely tagged up. i guess it isn't worth it to vandals to make such a long trip, which is also almost entirely uphill haha.

anyway! she went home and things have been less adventurous. but recently...

i extended my dreads, made my bangs thicker and cut them a bit shorter, and clearly need to clean my house. sorry for the crappy quality, i feel pretty shitty about my looks lately and if i take pictures of myself in high quality i get really anxious and obsessive about how i look. so this is the best i can do :3 i still have twelve more on top that need extending, i ran out of hair and the beauty supply with the right color and texture is far away. if they don't shrink up in a month or two, i'm going to cut them, because right now it is too hot to deal with all this length! 

anyway, there is my enormous post. my dreads have been doing well, massively itchy so i douse them in tea tree oil, which helps.

i hope everyone is well! 

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