traumatics (traumatics) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

1 year, kind of

Hey guys!

So May 30 is the birth date of my very first dread. My set was formed over a long stretch of time, I basically added a dread here and there over the course of several months and then eventually had a full head of 20. I then went back and combed out and re-dreaded a lot of the thicker ones, and then ended up with 34. So many of them are still only a few months old, but nonetheless, I've been at it for a year already! Wow!

LOTS of pictures behind the cut

The baby right after creation.

A few days later.

My first dreadstache :D

At this point there were several along the nape of my neck, but still mostly loose hair.

I still had a tiny bit of loose hair here, but finished dreading it all soon after. This is about 4 or 5 months from when I made the first one.


So this is when there were 20. It was too gappy looking for me and after posting here and getting feedback from Lish, I made the decision to divide them up and make more.

This was the first one to go, I turned this monster into three baby dreads.

And here's some more recent Instagram pictures:

The snake bead is on the OG dread so it's easy to find and use for comparisons.

Hope you enjoyed :)
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