alison (nopoppersforme) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Traveling for work, I have a little downtime right now and some photos of me have popped up on the internet. In the interest of vanity, here's a little photo dump. :)

hanging out on the deck in the morning after a long night shift

we got a little time at the beach, and found a hermit crab

beach bun, falling down

me and my brother and sister. my little brother just graduated high school! awwwwww.

me and my dad. awwwww.

what update would be complete without the back of my face in a bathroom mirror? my hair isn't this color in real life. just bad lighting.

twisty bun thing

moving into the mircotel for the next leg of work. and of course, i brought my taxidermied fox ears.

love you, gudu. <3

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