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Hello and [insert proper timezone greeting]

Hi, hello and salutations! I'm a bit of a rambler so everything, greetings, explanations, more rambles and a pictorial sacrifice are under a cut.

So I watched this comm and joined forever ago and haven't done a thing. When it pops up on my feed, I'll look and go glassy eyed at everyone's hair, styles, stories and the like. Or if my mother is particularly antsy, I'll show her the various techniques and recipes all you wonderful people have gathered here (and wait for her to experiment on my head. It's a thing she does.).

But I've never even said hello. And so I'm changing that. You can blame/thank a friend of mine for badgering me to tell her how long my dreads are. Strange, she never took much interest in the state of my hair when we were at school. I guess it's because it's gotten much longer than my chin since high school and the whole "you don't notice when it's right in front of you" law of the universe.

So here you go, GUDU.

I've had them since the summer I started high school, but I had them in corkscrew twists for two years prior. Year my youngest cousin was born... give or take a few months... almost 8 years! A little over 16 inches long, going by the longest I could grab, they've been there for a lot in my life, most recently a transcontinental move to Oz.

There isn't a spiritual or rebellious reason why I ended up getting them. It was just... normal, I guess, for me to have them eventually. My father has dreads, his friends have or had dreads, my half-sister has dreads. It was a normal sight to me as maybe Pokemon is to most of my generation. Also, I got tired of having braids. Afros weren't really an option, but my mum has one now. Until I moved, I really didn't think it'd be such a big deal, but I'm getting used to random people at the store commenting on them. Nothing bad (yet. I'm from NYC, I anticipate the worst.), just I'm different and not blonde or ginger. Once, some kid yelled down the candy aisle that my hair rocked.

Aaaaaand I have no idea how to end this absurdly long "hello" without coming to abrupt stop so... yeah. Hello and keep doing whatever you were doing. I'm going to go back to my emotional wreck of a TV show marathon.
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