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La femme sans pitié......she slept the world

Moisturizing review

My locs vary in length between a foot and just under 4 feet long, as such they can get dry. They feel dry, look dry and get scratchier than I want them to be. I've been looking for some kind of deep moisturizing treatment for them and after much trial and error, I like something enough to tell you about it.

Silk Elements Megasilk Olive Moisturizing Treatment

I got it at Sally's. I've tried Amla and coconut and jojoba and palm oil but the effects were for a very short time and then my locs felt bad and heavy and, well, oily after a few days. This leaves them feeling soft and like hair that has natural moisture, like my healthy straight hair was.

I rubbed a bit of the stuff on my very mature, fully formed, tight locs (pro tip, this is not for baby dreads or anything that could come unraveled) from about 3 inches from the root, down to the tips and have just left it there. When I was done rubbing the dread, there was no visible product remaining. I didn't marinate or slather them in it or anything. 75 locs and a sore neck later... Happiness.

I'll be shaving a lot of those 75 off in a few days on their 14 year (I think it's 14...?) anniversary. Lish... If you want one for your collection, message me your address.
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