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Ey oh! Lets go!

Hi everyone! I have not posted since 2 years ago? Well.. lets not bore you and get on with my timeline.

Day 1

5 weeks

5 weeks

4 months

Cut about 4 dreads to start bangs!

1 year dreadies!

Cant really see my dreads but I just wanna show you guys my favourite picture! My friends and I celebrating my 22nd birthday with a simple picnic that involves flying our fish kite straight into the ocean.. -____-" but dont worry we fished it out..

1 and a half year!

Then I took my dreads to Bali

and we met Mr Bruce Dickinson

As well as Mr Janick Gers

I then took them to Pulau Redang for the 2nd time and we jumped off a jetty

Then my friends thought it will be cute to tie balloons on my dreads...

For our 3 years anniversary I decided to cut the sides off and do like a mohawk.. cause the guy that did my dreads didnt really section them properly and it was hurting my head.. best decision ever! =)

Then we got a job at Singapore's Jurong Bird Park as a Records Keeper for a year.. hurray for birdies!

Another not dread related.. This is how I look like if I start wearing the Hijab! =)

This is how I look like now..

Eid Mubarak to all =)

So I'm 24 now finally got a chance to resume my education and finally get that degree!! phew~ Now that life is on track again! Lets keep in touch alright! <3

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