malloryshea (malloryshea) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

its been a loooong time.....

ello Everyone! I havent posted in a very long time- but still read everyones postings all of the time- I hate taking pictures for the most part, but my lady love takes them all of the time- so I figured I would post a couple!

I have had my dreads for 3 years now, and recently combed a few out to create bangs, which I love! My life is pretty fantastic- In love with the most wonderful woman in the world, about to graduate with my B.S. and looking into gradschool- but most importantly...I have dreadlocks, as well as pictures of said dreadlocks! There are only a couple, and hey dont feature my hair on purpose per say, But it is so rare for there to be so many photos of me, that I figured I should try and at least share a couple!
So....on to the pictures, because we know thats why most of us are here ;)

Anyways- thank you all for looking- and thank you all for posting too- I love seeing what everyone's hair is up to!

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