Holls (hollzilla) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

one of those evenings

it's been a while, guys. :)

i've moved to an one-bedroom apartment with my lil' zoo of four cats. i didn't think i really missed living on my own - it rocks so much! it's actually a decent place for a decent price, and i'm not complaining too much - i'd stay here forever if the fates say it shall be.

however, i've been jinxed - something happens to me every single morning. i moved here on august 31st, and i've never missed a morning where there's something happening to me - foolishly breaking an egg in my hand, burning myself on my kettle, giving myself a nice gash on my foot from the cupboards, raspberries being all moldy when having a huge craving for raspberries... you name it, it's happened to me in a morning. but the day turns out well, and i guess it's karma smiling upon me?

oh, yeah, and i started my final year of university - for now, that is. so far, classes are weird. weird even for an english major.

anyways, have some dreadlocks. they'll be 3 years old and six months on the 14th.

i'm always shocked by the length every time i look in the mirror. when i wear them down, they're all over the place. i manage to get them tangled up in my facial piercings - isn't that a bit annoying?

they cover my boobs too. i could go topless and not bare my boobs. :D

some of them are dyed - used SFX, but oh god, the virgin rose STICKS REALLY WELL. it's starting to get annoying.

i've never really maintained them in their lifespan, except for ripping them apart at the roots every once in a while - and they're in desperate need for some maintenance. someday!

and for good measure, here's the textbooks i gotta read for this semester of university. missing three (as they're in the mail right now) but this is a big stack, don't you think? i haven't really looked at all of them 'cept for the jane austen ones. if you've read one of those, lemme know what you think!

hope you guys are doing well!
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