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Is it possible to style the babiest of dreads?

I want to preface this by saying that I have searched for the memories looking for something on this topic to no avail, but if there is, I'm sorry for posting and will not object to shutting up and being told to try again!

I've wanted to dread my hair for at least four years now but it was never right - I'd backcomb a few sections and enjoy them for a week before I realized I needed to do all or nothing and all just wasn't possible at the time. Now, though, it was finally time, so I took the plunge today.

I picked up a flea comb and made a test dread to see if I was still decent at backcombing and figured I'd just brush it out if it sucked or I ended up not fitting it into my later sectioning. It turned out fine, so I found some hair ties and set out to section my hair. I tried to do a honeycomb pattern but I suck at using mirrors to see the back of my head so I had to feel most of it out which was not desireable. After all the sectioning was done I was ready to tackle the rest of my hair. I used a combination of backcombing and rip and twist on each dread, so that I felt they were secure but not too braidy-looking. They're tightest in the middle, as the roots are more backcombing than r&t and the bottom inch of each dread just didn't want to knot up at all at this point, so I let them be.

When I was done, my hair all stuck out straight off my head, which is how I let it be for a while, until I had to go out. At that time I pulled it back in a hairband, but I feel like this isn't the best idea for every day as it will keep them from moving around and knotting up.

My question and the point of this long-ass post is, is there anything I can do to make my dreads lie somewhat down, rather than up in the air? I have work and school tomorrow and while I'm okay with looking about 60% ridiculous, I'm just hoping not to look full-on unkempt. Would a bandana or the like be my best bet, something that will restrain my hair while not holding it too tightly? Or is there something I can do to actually make my hair lie flat? I fully intend to leave my dreads alone for a while and allow them to progress naturally, so I don't know if making them look a little flatter is possible. My only other thought was to spritz them with salt water after I wash them for the first time in two weeks or so. I know dreads require a lot of patience and time, but are there any other better options or am I stuck with mad scientist hair for a while?

Finally, some photos of what I've got going on so far:

Before/test dread:


In progress:

How I styled them for a couple hours afterwards:

And how they fall right now:

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