May you wade through the entrails of your enemies (steelreserve40z) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
May you wade through the entrails of your enemies

34 months old

hey gudu, hope yall are doing well. i can't believe i've had my dreads for nearly 3 years already, it seems like so recently i was walking around with a bandanna on my head trying to cover the puffy mess i was trying to pass as dreadlocks. but my dreads are nearly chest-long now, and it still surprises me every time i feel the longest ones nearly touch my elbows when i'm sitting down! a lot of them are getting worryingly skinny at the base but hopefully i'll find someone to do some maintenance on them soon, as i've never had any done before. anyways enough with the talking, here's some pictures from the past few months.

all dressed up for my friend's 20th birthday party in may

visiting my two best friends in philly in june

kittens love dreads!

in norcal at the end of june, shootin at the old TV :D that glass is crazy thick!

i went camping with my housemates in fort bragg, this coastal town about 2 hours north of us, a week or so ago

my boyfriend, my two housemates, and i all climbed this little cliff thingy and as they were all standing out on the edge i was like "yall look like a cheesy band photo. pose like you're in a boyband" and this is what happened

the photos got worse as my boyfriend got drunker. this is later on but you can see the texture pretty good.

just for comparison, here's my dreads a week or so after i started them back in 09.

patience: that shit pays off!

well, that's all the photos i can find for now, but i look forward to posting a few more in the next few months (instead of posting maybe 2x a year like i usually do). cheers, gudu!
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