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First set (and first post!)

Hello all you beautiful folks!

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally joined the ranks of the dreaded. I've wanted dreads for.. oh, about ten years now, but I never had the patience to grow my hair out and always believed it was too short. In a serendipitous moment at this year's Burning Man, I gave a gift to a lovely dreaded girl who then told me that she dreads people's hair for them, if I'd be interested in that.

As of a few days after that (so, about a week ago), I have my first set. I'm already feeling somewhat paranoid about them. The girl told me I should just flip the dreads through, but I've read the memories (promise!) and read repeatedly that I definitely shouldn't do that. I also read that it's better to just leave the dreads alone for the first month or so (or more?) before attacking them with a crochet hook. Does that also hold for dreads that were started with the crochet method? I guess I'm wondering if the maintenance guidelines hold for dreads that were crocheted, as opposed to backcombed & palmrolled. I know I'm going to end up with a thousand questions. Trying to remember to leave them alone!

Photos. Here is one, a couple more behind the cut.

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