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2.5 year update! (seen through instagram)

hello gudu, long time no see!

its been a great summer! (got to see avengers a week early.

I got to see some of my favorite artists at the high museum on loan from MOMA.

went to pirate trivia at my favorite bar!

went and saw the atlanta roller derby with my niece!

saw iron maiden and Alice cooper live.

made a kimono

got a tattoo for good luck!


dressed like the hippie I am. XD

met some amazing German guys visiting the states. we stayed out till 6 am drinking, talking and laughing the night away.

went to two car shows near my house.

saw my uncle for a night due to a delayed layover in Atlanta. I hadn't seen him since my grandmother died around the time I started my dreadlock.

started my new job at Chili's bar and grill where they are dreadhead friendly! love it there!


labor day weekend I went to dragon*con, a sci-fi/fantasy convention here in Atlanta held every year. I spent five days in midtown and had an absolute blast! I met Garrett Wang (above), Tim Russ, grant imaharah, and Jason Momoa. Jason was by far my favorite celebrity sighting. I saw him walk by, hesitated then ran after him, catching him in a quiet area and asked for a picture. he responded "no , if I get my picture taken here ill get fucking mobbed dude" I understand, he blows me kisses and I thank him. ask I turned to walk away, his husky voice bellows for a hug, and we run to each other. his 6'4 figure grabs me in a bear hug, complete with grunts, and gives me the best hug ever! two minutes later he passes my friend and I, coughs to get my attention. I smile. he smiles. I yell out "I love you!" and he responds "I love you too!" and that was it. 
his story is relevant considering he's a former dreadhead. :p
I also saw tons of dreadheads! I tried to talk to most of them. it was very cool!


anyway, more pictures of con!


Atlanta, midtown.

Tim Russ. (aka a Vulcan laughing)

"if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have had my little accident"

grant imaharah!

day of the dead girls

tank girl! I hung out with her later and she was super cool!

new shirt

today. home sick with a cold and drinking lots of tea.


thanks for the looksie! I'd have more pictures and a time line but my laptop is in a coma right now, so all I've got is my phone. ill try an update over the fall.



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