LizzAy (whatyoucantfind) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

long dread is long!

I work at chili's bar and grill. right now we are at the tail end of our St. Jude's fundraiser. we get to buy t-shirts to decorate how we like to promote "create a pepper". while the other girls did cute little designs and patterns, I, fresh off of dragon*con decorated the front of my shirt with the death star with some Tai fighters around it. and then the empire logo in the s. I came home today and noticed how long my dread looked. its currently 13" long and started out 6" long. :)


its almost past my breast! I expect it to pass by winter. :p


in the next month I'd like to bleach it out more and try to dye it blue. I miss having color in my hair and I think I could get away with it at work since its just a single dread. :D


sneaking into pictures.


lastly a silly picture I found of me. I was at Disney with my 8th grade orchestra (I played violin) for Disney Magic Music Days. I threw on this typical rasta dread hat and gad my friend take a picture. little did I know then I'd have my own dreads 6 years later! LOL.


stay amazing gudu! thanks for looking!

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