A Roaring Aura... A White Rainbow (le_soleil_noir) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
A Roaring Aura... A White Rainbow

Combing Out a 3 Year Old

Had this unruly dread that sat funny and would ALWAYS fall into my face. I always like having straight fringe but also wanted them to be thicker, so I finally worked up enough courage to sacrifice this poor soul so I could cut my bangs again.

CHOP! I'm liking the ombre thing going on there.
Probably going to sew it into one of my shorter dreads.

It was slightly traumatizing.

I cut it off equal with the length of my bangs...

and that is how much length I gained from brushing it out! From the bottom of the bangs to the end, there. In pretty good condition, too. A bit frazzled looking from being locked up for a month short of 3 years..but I'm sure it will relax in a bit. The ends look a bit ratty because all the hair is cut at different lengths. Could use a hot oil treatment or something.

I'll probably let it relax before I trim it up even with my bangs.

Anyways, there ya go! Some visuals on combing out 3 year old dreads. :)
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