hands full of sun and rain (quintinia) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
hands full of sun and rain

Such a rebel

Soooooo stretched ears have always intrigued me, and many lovely GUDU'ers have shown me what a classy sassy variety of jewelry can be worn in them, so I decided not to spend my whole life wondering when I could just do it. I'm in college, after all; I'm supposed to do weird things for no good reason.


Last night I moved up from my regular piercing to a 14g. It felt huge going in but still looks so tiny! Can't wait to go bigger (though of course I will wait, because I don't want to fuck up my ears).

And just now I did something weird with my hair:


It's a spiraling french braid!


I like how in the last one you can see almost all of the doodads I've added in to my hair.

Took this one after a shower last week to show how much of my length is made of loose ends, which like to stay in buns for two minutes before escaping. Meh.
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