octupos (octupos) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

My introduction <3

Hey there, I thought I would share with you guys a bit about myself and introduce myself to the community!

Why hello! My name is Jacque (like Jackie) and I am a huge dreads fan, and I greatly appreciate the community here! Nice to meet you guys!

So, here's me:
Photo 26

Twist and rip, maintainted a bit with crochet hooking, and extensions added in.

This is my second set of dreads. I have a bit over half my extensions added in, with the rainbow synthetic hair being the most recent. In my first set, I had ~65 dreads, and in the second, I have done so much splitting and redreading that I am coming up on 100 dreads. Knowing me, I might just intentionally split them until I get exactly 100, heh. I make videos on youtube about doing dreads, extensions, and other non-dread related stuff (my youtube is artistenoire if anyone wants to see), and I'm a student.

I've been lurking you guys for ages in the memories sections, and admiring the hell out of your dreadlock timeline posts especially. Ohhhh they make my heart melt.

I suppose I will post more pictures of my hair once it's done, and future images as my hair matures and gets sexier, but I'll leave you folks with a special picture of me:

That's in the front row of a Rammstein concert- in my first set of dreads. Till Lindemann had just soapjizzed the whole front of the audience with a giant penis canon. <3

Oh, if any of you have skype and are reeeeeally good at trigonometry, you should write me because I am dying in trig and it keeps me from finishing my sweet, sweet extensions.

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