Melissa (miss_catalyst) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


I rarely find my way over to LJ these days, but I figured someone here might chuckle, so yknow.

To those who asked after my hair colour the last time I posted:
It's a totally random mash-up of dyes (done at different times, & never my whole head at once)
& what they have faded into, so I can't promise you'll get this exact colour or anything (notice the varigation).

In general, I tend to favour:

-- SFX in Napalm Orange, Nuclear Red, & Hot Lava
-- Jerome Russell Punky Colour in Flame, Fire, & Vermillion
-- Loreal Feria #74 Copper Shimmer

I haven't used bleach since my dreads were somewhere around a year old, maybe a bit after (they're five now).

I hope all you lovely dreadheads are doing well!
Happy whatever holidays you celebrate ♥

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