stuffsh (stuffsh) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Long time lurker returns

So I was here a long time ago, and then I cut all my dreads off due to a lice infestation and I disappeared, but then my hair grew back and brushing it got annoying.

Anyway, I know you all like pictures so here you goes

the beginning of my first set

24 hours of backcombing later with a very lovely friend, sister and mother :)

Then me and my dreads decided to go on a 18 month holiday

During which my head got really, really hot so I decided to go dreadhawk :) eventually the dreads I cut off I attached to the ends of the dreads I had left but I can't find any suitable photos of that....

but then the bugs found me in India, and I decided instead of finding a stranger willing to nit pick me I'd just fulfil a life long dream of going completely bald! Somewhere there is a photo of all my dreadlings cut off, I can't find it, but I do still have my lice filled dreads, yummy!

and now we get to the present, it's been about two years for me to get hair long enough to get dready again, and I decided to go the no brush hair method as soon as I'd finally managed to get myself a job that accepted me being all holey and multicoloured :)

which leaves me here :)

I still have a partially shaved head, it will eventually become a proper dreadhawk just as soon as the bits on the side of my head have dreaded up enough to be cut off and used as extensions

I'm impressed at how quickly they've formed into dreadlike things considering I only stopped brushing in August, but my hair was in absolutely terrible condition from all the bleaching to dye my hair a multitude of silly colours!

I love how my hair is forming lots of loopy bits and stuff already :) 

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