Lily (girlgoth) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

If you're in Seattle, come see me tomorrow!

Went to the Seattle Tree Lighting the day after Thanksgiving. It's usually pretty crowded, but the rain thinned it out a bit. :)  You can also see that the rain was having fun with my hair. :P By the time we were on our way home, I had fuzzy ringlets in my You can see a few of my dreads though! :D They were 2 years in August, but because my hair was so long when I started (down to my lower back), some of them are still taking their own sweet time near the ends. I don't mind though. :)

Also, I'll be vending in Seattle tomorrow! I'll be at the Mourning Market's December event and my booth will be pretty easy to spot! I'll have Monster Nursery holiday stockings, Monsterhead pillows, ornaments, and some handmade choker necklaces!

What's Mourning Market, you ask? It's only the coolest place to find
dark/alternative handmade and handcrafted items in Seattle! Whether you
are shopping for yourself or people on your holiday list, come support
your local artists and small businesses!

The venue (El Corazon) is walkable from Capitol Hill or downtown, about a block away from REI.
It's tomorrow, Sunday (the 9th), from noon-5pm. $1 admission, all ages.

Monsterhead Pillows!

Hand painted chokers (some Monsters, some not)

I'll have some ornaments too! :)

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